This “Green” thing.

It is hard as fuck. I want to be those people that buy two separate garbage cans with the little flip lid that you press your toes on (but like big sized) underneath their huge kitchen sink, or on the side…whatever, you get the idea. I fantasize about a compost system for food we waste in my backyard (future, yes, yes, I know I live in a shitty apt. still, thanks for the reminder guys! ;)) like the ones I saw in Germany. Smelled like hell, but it’s, it’s GREEN!!!

I have to be honest, only a few months ago I threw out TONS of hidden bottles of alcohol to the green canister outside the apartments. We have not been doing our best at all to recycle. Alcohol and laziness will do that to you. AND turning the lights out! So annoying. Wish I could leave em all on and say, “peace”. But no, I can’t, we can’t. Turn the damn light off when you walk off.  #thatrhymed #hehehehehehehe


Author: angleal

AnDGE-then maiden name was changed to Tremble, back again to Lealuez, then found out that our ancestors changed their last name on the boat over from Lealuez to Leal<Divorce.....happened, rehab happened, in home stay happened, bipolarII happened. and I was LEAL, well not legally.. yet. I will definitely get around to it though. Yup. I'm pretty pretty sure I will at the rate i'm going, #OCDslighthypomanicNOTdrinkingtosolveit and trying to be HEEaaalllthyyyyy, ew..mode so i'm up with insomnnia some nights, and a tad bit of deliriusnous.. You'll be hearing from me

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