Childhood Trauma and Bipolar.

I think bipolar runs in my family, it is known that this can run genetically, obviously. So, it is something that those of us effected by, can deal with a horrible (or happy!) life. I am not saying that anyone I know has it, I didn’t even believe until NOW that I have it. lol. It’s been six years since a manic episode, or maybe that was just the big one and the meds prevent another breakdown like that. Took my sereq tonight so i’m good. Just, insomnia. I think that there maybe a correlation between bipolar and child molestation. I believe that THAT can exacerbate the paranoia with your children, the crippling anxiety, the FEAR..and if there are any anger issues in there too, welp.

Just thinking. Thanks for listening.



Author: angleal

AnDGE-then maiden name was changed to Tremble, back again to Lealuez, then found out that our ancestors changed their last name on the boat over from Lealuez to Leal<Divorce.....happened, rehab happened, in home stay happened, bipolarII happened. and I was LEAL, well not legally.. yet. I will definitely get around to it though. Yup. I'm pretty pretty sure I will at the rate i'm going, #OCDslighthypomanicNOTdrinkingtosolveit and trying to be HEEaaalllthyyyyy, ew..mode so i'm up with insomnnia some nights, and a tad bit of deliriusnous.. You'll be hearing from me

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