IS there a you?

Terrified that the one I love is gone. I know he’ll be back, and my heart hurts every-time he leaves. How can love hurt so damn much? C’mon love how can this happen? I sit writing and channeling Poe, just woe woe woe.

Oh I’m good, I’m terrific but feeling the ripping and tearing of love and the constant fighting with earth is just exhausting. I sit around waiting for that whip and that flick like a feather on my face or in my vagina. I sit and wait so I can kill a damn spirit who probably does not exist. Can I say this? Fuck it. Matrix type shit. LOL.

Oh, I’m great, the constant peeing and eating is a lot but I can handle it cause witchy slutty bitch ain’t going NOWHERE.

Thanks for reading,



Author: angleal

AnDGE-then maiden name was changed to Tremble, back again to Lealuez, then found out that our ancestors changed their last name on the boat over from Lealuez to Leal<Divorce.....happened, rehab happened, in home stay happened, bipolarII happened. and I was LEAL, well not legally.. yet. I will definitely get around to it though. Yup. I'm pretty pretty sure I will at the rate i'm going, #OCDslighthypomanicNOTdrinkingtosolveit and trying to be HEEaaalllthyyyyy, ew..mode so i'm up with insomnnia some nights, and a tad bit of deliriusnous.. You'll be hearing from me

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