It has to be this way

The devil is on my back, but I love him. I took the spirit that is bad out and he is gone. Why so afraid? I’m with my love now and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I don’t care about you either, so fuck it. I have my family and my loves in my home. I have wit, and tenacity, fire and I try not to be a liar. Forgive me Jesus. He is real, all religions are real and we are one. We are in heaven and hell on earth.

This is not fun, but almost hilariously congruent. I’m sitting at my moms thinking about everything and sometimes I feel I die every night, to freak out in the morning. I feel bad for my partner, but what can I do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I will do good, we will make things right.




Author: angleal

AnDGE-then maiden name was changed to Tremble, back again to Lealuez, then found out that our ancestors changed their last name on the boat over from Lealuez to Leal<Divorce.....happened, rehab happened, in home stay happened, bipolarII happened. and I was LEAL, well not legally.. yet. I will definitely get around to it though. Yup. I'm pretty pretty sure I will at the rate i'm going, #OCDslighthypomanicNOTdrinkingtosolveit and trying to be HEEaaalllthyyyyy, ew..mode so i'm up with insomnnia some nights, and a tad bit of deliriusnous.. You'll be hearing from me

1 thought on “It has to be this way”

  1. We are everything! It is true!! All these words are so powerful and caught up in their own careless wildfire. You are doing the hard work. Love never dies. Trust that the people that are meant to be will still be there through our truth. Love.

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